Admission's Open

Commandant’s Message

Learning process of the human beings starts from Cradle and ends at Grave.  Abbottabad is famous as “CITY OF SCHOOLS” and you find both private and government

Co-Curricular Activities

Various extra-curricular activities are planned at Cadets School of Ali Forces Academy such as public speaking, group discussions, group plannings, interviews practice


An excellent neat and clean hostel facility is available within the academy premises, which is providing a conducive  and comfortable environment to the students


In today’s world, the educated man or woman has a positive edge over the ones who are less fortunate to avail this opportunity. In the society of today’s competitive nature, the people are worried about the future of their next generation.  Ali Forces Academy & Cadets School (AFA&CS) was basically established in September , 2009 to create an opportunity of proper training for the youngsters who apply for commissioned officers in armed forces of Pakistan. By the Grace of Almighty Allah within a short span of only 3 years, the AFA was able to produce best results all over the country. Becoming a good human being is a pre-requisite to become a good officer, leader or commander, so maximum emphasis was laid on“Character Building  and Motivation” which in return  paid rich dividends in the form of maximum selections for armed forces.


Parents of various children approached the Commandant to start 6th and 7th classes for better character building, Physical Training and inculcating self-confidence in the youngsters. AFA initially started conducting tuition classes for entry in various cadet colleges, which was an excellent experience because majority of the students were able to get admission in different cadet collages. Keeping in view the  great  success, AFA decided to start “Cadets School”  with regular 6th and 7th classes on yearly basis.